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Decay and neglect…..

There’s something of an emerging theme to my photographs these days. I’m increasingly drawn to decay, and in particular doorways that seem to offer escape from the world that we inhabit.

They offer a portal to the unexpected…to spaces where imagination has free reign. The building may have long since passed on from its original purpose, but there are maybe small tell-tale signs of what went before…

“I am drawn to this subject from a photographic sense due to the heavy emotions of tragedy, injustice and waste that are elicited when you see something so beautiful decay.”  [Eric Holubow]

Red Fort, Delhi...  John Callaway 2014

Red Fort, Delhi… John Callaway 2014

Sometimes the beauty is not what went before…it is in the decay itself. The slowly rotting timber, the fading colours, the curious and the unusual…

We may be able to read the signs, but we have no idea why…

Grindlay's Bank... John Callaway 2014

Grindlay’s Bank… John Callaway 2014

Maybe such images are little more than “…reflections of our own insecurity, of our vague wanderings through limitless spaces that, in our position external to the urban system, to power, to activity, constitute … a physical expression of our fear and insecurity…” [Rubio, Ignasi De Sola-Morales. “Terrain Vague.” Anyplace. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1995. 119].

Yeah…I read some strange stuff….  🙂

Grid... John Callaway 2014

Grid… John Callaway 2014

Or perhaps they are the last bastions of wonder…we can only imagine the purpose of a door within a door…

Portal... John Callaway 2014

Portal… John Callaway 2014

“Religion decays, the icon remains; a narrative is forgotten, yet its representation still magnetizes.”
[Julian Barnes:  “A History of the World in 10½ Chapters”]