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Two nuclear power stations, (one now decommissioned), a vast expanse of shingle beach, out on a limb, boat carcasses and rusting machinery, with very few people about…. Definitely my kind of landscape.

Make what you will of the choice of these photographs above others, or the story (if there is one) behind them. It could be that they are indicative of a western government that cares little for what it is content to let fall into disrepair and decay.  It could be that they tell a story of resilience in the face of a governing class that measures success in terms of wealth and possessions, with little concern for those on the margins.

Or it could just be that they are just some of my favourite photographs from the day…and you need to write your own story…

Whatever….some people think that Dungeness is part of the Fifth Continent


On the beach… (14 September 2019)


Piece of Crap… (14 September 2019)


Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere… (14 September 2019)


Long May You Run… (14 September 2019)


Time Fades Away… (14 September 2019)

Or maybe it’s just a ploy to shoe horn some Neil Young song titles in as captions….