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Under construction…

I haven’t quite started work yet… The mechanics of references being taken up and CRB checks being carried out always takes longer than expected. Still it has given me the chance to build a website from scratch to better display my photographs, especially those from my time in Nepal.

Building the perfect Buddha... Lumbini. John Callaway 2012

Building the perfect Buddha… Lumbini. John Callaway 2012

I guess I’m looking to exercise a little more ‘artistic’ control over how my photographs are displayed, rather than simply use a template. The link below is to a temporary site. I’d really welcome comment (constructive!!) on stuff like layout, ease of navigation and so on before it goes live. It’s still a work in progress 🙂

On the ‘contact’ page of the website, there is an e mail address which, if you click on it should enable you to send any thoughts/observations rather than have a huge long comment tail on this post….

Click on the screen shot below if you want to take a look….if only to revisit some of the photographs of the past couple of years….