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Give…an update.

In May 2014 I wrote of my ongoing links with CSRC, the land rights organisation that I worked with whilst living in Nepal. At the time I said that I felt enormously privileged to be asked to contribute to the editing process for their last two annual reports and to their strategic plan because it continued to give me a window to the world in which they operate.

At the moment they need your help in the aftermath of  Nepal earthquake…

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Image (c) CSRC 2015

Founded in 1993, CSRC is a leading national NGO in Nepal, which has been engaged in poverty alleviation through land and agrarian reform. Working in 54 out of 75 the districts, CSRC has been educating and organising people who are deprived of their basic rights to land and decent livelihoods. Its programmes have focused on strengthening community organizations, developing human rights defenders, promoting land and agrarian reform on behalf of land-poor farmers. CSRC’s mission is to enhance the power of land-poor farmers leading land and agrarian reforms for the dignified life.

“…The country’s rural social institutions, bureaucracy and legal system all supported (a system whereby) poor farmers, who were a majority of the population, did not have a voice in governance. …Exclusion from access to productive assets, notably land, was one of the primary reasons which perpetuated poverty and restricted a large section of the population (from realising) their full potential as citizens”.

[Source: CSRC Strategic Plan. 2014-2018]

The fact is that throughout much of rural Nepal many communities survive primarily through subsistence agriculture, with productivity levels remaining low as a result of limited access to new technologies and resources and since the 1990s Nepal has been reliant on imported food to feed its growing population.

[Source: ‘Improving Food Security for Vulnerable Communities in Nepal’, Oxfam case study, June 2011].

Imagine then what happens after an earthquake…

The one which struck Nepal on 25 April 2015 has already (as of 6 May 2015) killed more than 7,500 people, injured 14,500, and destroyed over 255,000 houses. The estimated death toll and number injured continues to rise. Despite a rapid response from the international community, there are still many rural areas of Nepal which have as yet received little in the way of support. Difficulties regarding accessibility and relief co-ordination have led to local groups finding ways of working together to provide urgently needed practical support to those communities which are most vulnerable.

CSRC has launched a disaster relief action on the ground in collaboration with a number of other organisations, in order to support vulnerable communities who are in immediate need of relief and reconstruction assistance.

It is already working in 7 of the most badly affected districts of Nepal: Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Lalitpur, Ramechap, Khotan, and Okaldunga where it is providing food,clean water, shelter and fuel.

The resourcefulness and resilience of Nepalis is unquestionable. The resources at their disposal less so…

A few numbers to ponder…

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