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Light on the horizon…


Portal… (John Callaway 2019)

At a time when those who purport to bring us ‘news’ see fit to declare that the ideas of a young woman of 16 are not worthy of consideration, and when compassion and care are in such short supply, perhaps the message is getting through after all.

We cannot ‘control and exercise dominion over the natural world, so perhaps its time for a different manifesto.

“It is, it seems, our civilisation’s turn to experience the inrush of the savage and the unseen; our turn to be brought up short by contact with untamed reality. There is a fall coming. We live in an age in which familiar restraints are being kicked away, and foundations snatched from under us. After a quarter century of complacency, in which we were invited to believe in bubbles that would never burst, prices that would never fall, the end of history, the crude repackaging of the triumphalism of Conrad’s Victorian twilight — Hubris has been introduced to Nemesis. Now a familiar human story is being played out. It is the story of an empire corroding from within. It is the story of a people who believed, for a long time, that their actions did not have consequences. It is the story of how that people will cope with the crumbling of their own myth. It is our story”.

“Uncivilisation”. The Dark Mountain Manifesto