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Maintain the momentum…

I make absolutely no apology for keeping Nepal a live issue on this blog….

It’s now just one month to the day from the first of two earthquakes which struck Nepal, and which as of 6 May 2015 had killed more than 7,500 people, injured 14,500, and destroyed over 255,000 houses.

As I said in an earlier post, despite a rapid response from the international community, there are still many rural areas of Nepal which have as yet received little in the way of support. Difficulties regarding accessibility and relief co-ordination have led to local groups finding ways of working together to provide urgently needed practical support to those communities which are most vulnerable.

Although Nepal is still ‘in the news’ here in the UK, it is no longer on the front page as inevitably other world events take centre stage. But that’s no reason to lose sight of what still needs to be done, and what’s going on at grassroots level…

So here’s two schemes that I have a personal connection with from my time in Nepal, and who are seeking financial support to help rebuild communities and livelihoods.

Herb Nepal is an organic farm and training centre that produces homeopathic herbs and products in collaboration with farmers across Nepal. The farm is based in the South East of Kathmandu, in a village called Ashapuri.

“We keep on building composting toilets and have already started building temporary homes.

These shelters have a WOODEN frame with a zinc plates for ROOFING (which will last up to 5 years or more). The walls are made of woven BAMBOO and plastered with MUD and floors will be traditionally made with red clay and cow dung. This will provide safety, shelter and a home for the first year or two years to bridge the construction of the new homes.

TRADITIONAL Style, LOCAL skills and except for roofing all LOCAL materials”

You can donate and read more about them here…

Ashapuri. © Herb Nepal 2015

Ashapuri. © Herb Nepal 2015

CSRC which has been engaged in poverty alleviation through land and agrarian reform. Working in 54 out of 75 the districts, CSRC has been educating and organising people who are deprived of their basic rights to land and decent livelihoods. Its programmes have focused on strengthening community organizations, developing human rights defenders, promoting land and agrarian reform on behalf of land-poor farmers. Well the communities need rebuilding now..

You can donate and read more about them here…

Mahji. © CSRC 2015

Mahji. © CSRC 2015

As I’ve said elsewhere, the resourcefulness and resilience of Nepalis is unquestionable. The resources at their disposal less so…

So, once again, a few numbers to ponder…

Some 32,000 visits have been made to this blog site

The average cost of a pint of beer in the UK is £3.50.

If just 10% of those visitors elected to donate the value of a pint, that would realise £11,200

Hardly small beer…and a big thank you to those who have already donated to one or other of these projects, or indeed to any of the projects trying to raise money to rebuild Nepal…