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So…where to begin?

Here I sit, safe in my home in Portsmouth, watching the news unfold. For a brief moment Nepal becomes headline news…the earthquake that has claimed so many lives becomes the lead story on the BBC.

“Lost for words” doesn’t begin to describe how that feels. For two years Kathmandu was my city…Nepal was my country…and…it still is. The friendships that you make, the people that you know, leave an indelible mark on the soul.

Here in the west, all we can do is watch, and hope, and, if that is what we believe, pray…

The resourcefulness and resilience of Nepalis is unquestionable. The resources at their disposal less so…

Do something to to add to those resources….

Old & New. Kathmandu. John Callaway 2010

Old & New. Kathmandu. John Callaway 2010