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Coastal squeeze…

Not the name of some up and coming new band…although “…hello Portsmouth…we are Coastal Squeeze and this one’s called ‘When the lights go out on the Western World’  has a certain ring to it….

This is Farlington Marshes, a salt marsh at the northern end of Langstone Harbour, just a 20 minute or so walk from home.

“At the time of the last ice age, the harbour would have been a wooded valley with streams running along the course of today’s channels into the river Solent. There is evidence that stone age man lived and hunted in this valley. As the icecaps melted and sea levels rose at the end of the ice age, the sea gradually flooded the area until something like the present shape of the harbour was reached around 5000 years ago. Since then, man has been the main force in shaping the harbour, reclaiming land for agriculture, development and waste disposal, particularly along the north and west shores. As sea levels continue to rise, the hard sea walls created prevent the natural process of the mudflats and saltmarshes moving inland” [Source: Langstone Harbour Board]

Where man made structures have been built to protect communities from coastal flood and erosion risks, the habitat may be prevented from moving landward as sea level rises, and it is squeezed up against these defences. This is known as ‘coastal squeeze’ and means the extent and functioning of the saltmarsh reduces over time, along with the habitats and species that it supports. In places, we cannot prevent this, as we are required to protect large communities from coastal flooding and erosion.

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Farlington Marshes I… [September 2019]


Farlington Marshes II… [September 2019]


Farlington Marshes III… [September 2019]