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Blind men on revolving chairs…

Look back far enough in this blog and you’ll find photographs and thoughts from my time in Nepal. For the time that I was there (2010 to 2012), the political system was in chaos, riven with discord, and a seeming disregard for the people that it was supposed to support. At the time it seemed inconceivable that ideology and self serving politicians would be the the architects of similar chaos and discord within the UK.

Yet here we are…and on a beach in Spain, watching UK politics (briefly) from afar, the sign on the back of a lifeguard reminded me of a poem by one of Nepal’s greatest poets, Bhupi Sherchan. Seems like he could be writing about our current political leadership…


SOS (John Callaway 2019)

“The sun always rises from the kettle,
and sets in an empty glass,
the earth I inhabit goes on turning,
I am the only one who cannot see
the changes all around me,
the only one who is unaware
of all this world’s beauty and pleasure,
like a blind man at an exhibition,
forced to sit on a revolving chair…”

[From: “Blind Man on a Revolving Chair” by Bhupi Sherchan ]