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Hallucinating light…

“I ride inside the purple dawn collecting golden due 
That falls from citidels of dreams I shake whilst flying through 
Creation’s key seems just in reach, ah but then its overdue 
But as darkness surrounds us I’m reaching for you…”  

[Roy Harper: Hallucinating Light]

Hallucinating Light... John Callaway 2013

Hallucinating Light… John Callaway 2013

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to see a gig that has a timeless quality about it… and so it was with Roy Harper at the Royal Festival Hall last night. There’s a couple of reviews here and here if you want to read them…

Anyway….I just got lucky with these photos, (I think!!), with a camera at the limits of its capability. No editing beyond cropping out the surrounding darkness, (now there’s a metaphor…)

Hats off to Harper… 🙂

The bigger picture... John Callaway 2013

The bigger picture… John Callaway 2013