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Pintar esta pared…

In any town or city I’m always on the look out for street art and/or graffiti. Sometimes a detour down a side street is needed, but sometimes there’s a piece hiding in plain sight. In Malaga a heart, seemingly suspended from telephone cables and pipe work catches my eye… (@ Calle San Lorenzo).

Maybe it’s a sign. In any event, given my preoccupation these days with hearts, it seems an auspicious sighting…

Dreucol I: Malaga [John Callaway 2019]

Today is going to be a good day… The gods, whoever and wherever they might be, are looking down, despite my continued adherence to the doctrine of Camus …

“I do not believe in God and I am not an atheist.” [Albert Camus: Notebooks 1951–1959]


Dreucol II: Malaga [John Callaway 2019]

A few streets later, and the same bearded man reaching out from the heart, appears. Only this time in somewhat disembodied form, and surrounded by more familiar graffiti and tagging… (@ Calle Carreteria)


Dreucol III: Malaga [John Callaway 2019]

 …and then this….a diptych seemingly… also @ Calle Carreteria


Dreucol IV: Malaga [John Callaway 2019]

Until finally, a manifesto (maybe) @ Avenida Fatima…

“A new Dreucol appears…”.

The mystery has come together in this humble corner 🙂


Dreucol V: Malaga [John Callaway 2019]

 Oh…and this was pretty good too…