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Keep music live…

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
[Aldous Huxley, Music at Night (1931)]

If you’ve stopped by this blog before, you’ll know that music looms large, whilst The Cellars at Eastney is a regular haunt. To say that I’ve spent way too much time watching live music is something of an understatement. From mis-spent youth, through socks and rugs and sausage roll (or something like that), to an ever increasing desire to grow old disgracefully, live music was, and still is one of the cornerstones of my existence.

But…use it or lose it. Keep venues like The Cellars alive, so that local music scenes continue to thrive. Sadly the venue is closing at the beginning of August. Here’s why…

Despite changes of ownership, The Cellars has been run largely by the same team for nearly 18 years. The current landlord has been amazingly supportive and without him, the venue would certainly have closed in 2011 when, then owner, Enterprise Inns were selling the freehold for development. However, he is simply no longer in a position to subsidise our rent, as he has done for some considerable time and the business is just not in a position to pay the rent in full. He is as gutted as we are that there is no viable way for the venue to continue.

The Cellars would like to thank its committed and loyal customer-base for all of their support. We’re sure many of you will ask how this could happen. The reasons are many and complex, involving national, as well as local issues. However, the simple explanation is that not enough customers are buying enough tickets to enough gigs for us to continue.

Independent music venues like The Cellars are closing all over the UK. We worry about the future opportunities which will be available to the next generation of musicians, if all the experienced and passionate operators are either not replaced at all, or replaced by faceless chains with no interest in local music and musicians. Therefore, we encourage both gig-goers and musicians to give their passionate support to our friends at The Wedgewood Rooms, to ensure that they have a prosperous future”

[The Cellars Website]

Leo & Anto... The Cellars @ Eastney. June 2015

Leo & Anto… The Cellars @ Eastney. June 2015

So…you still want to see live music, get a chance to talk to musicians afterwards, and maybe buy a CD or two from them. Find your local venue, cherish it, and most of all keep on going…

Oh…and Leo & Anto? Leo Moran from the Saw Doctors, and Anthony Thistlethwaite, erstwhile of The Waterboys, and now with the Saw Doctors. Check them out…you won’t regret it…

And if you don’t know what any of these sound like…go find out. Isn’t music about discovering something unexpected…not being told what to like?

Leo & Anto... Cellars @Eastney. June 2015

Leo & Anto… The Cellars @Eastney. June 2015

Final word goes to Mr Zimmerman…

“Play it fucking loud…”