It’s so ethereal…

In October 2008 I started a part time photography degree at the University of East London. I didn’t finish it, as I ended up going to Nepal early in 2010, which made the commute somewhat difficult. Setting up this blog was a course requirement, but it is something that I’ve continued with long after my time at UEL ended. 

So, here we are at the beginning of 2021, in the middle of another lockdown, and I’m thinking about what might occupy me photographically, given the extremely limited scope for getting ‘out and about’ beyond Portsmouth.  

Looking back through the blog, I found that I’d made reference to one of the course books, “The Photograph As Contemporary Art”, by Charlotte Cotton .  In it she describes how we frequently keep the ordinary “at the periphery of our vision, (and) we may not automatically give them credence as visual subjects…” You can endure the whole tortuous post here, if you are so minded. 

Some 11 years later, I’m wondering whether I can make ‘art’ from my own ‘domestic space’. We’ll see….

There’s a narrative in my head for the following images, but I’d like to think that the photographs stand on their own merit, as a brief moment of time. The only exception is the second photograph, which has a story behind it, and which bears re-telling… 

…and there’s always The Teardrop Explodes…. 🙂  …it’s so ethereal indeed….


Chair… [Image © John Callaway 2021]

There’s a story to the next one…. “Just one thing” here


Buddha with seed pod… [Image © John Callaway 2021]


The Book of Trespass.. [Image © John Callaway 2021]


Emma… [Image © John Callaway 2021]


London Tea Chest… [Image © John Callaway 2021]


Sky Blue Army… [Image © John Callaway 2021]